I am an amateur stenographer, and have been contributing to the Open Steno Project and the Plover open-source stenography engine. Here are some of my contributions:


rtfcre is a Python and Rust library for reading and writing RTF/CRE (Rich Text Format with Court Reporting Extensions) documents, specifically steno dictionaries. It tries to improve on Plover's built-in RTF/CRE support by adding features such as inline comments and engine commands.

rtfcre can be integrated into Plover with the plover-better-rtf plugin.

API Documentation

I wrote API documentation and a development guide for plugin authors. It is currently hosted at

Steno Explainers

Steno Explainers is a series of cheat sheet graphics to serve as a quick reference for basic steno principles, as well as phrasing, symbol and keyboard shortcut systems.

Extended Stenotype

plover-stenotype-extended is a Plover plugin that adds two extra keys to the standard Stenotype layout.

Extended Stenotype Layout

One-handed Stenotype

plover-one-handed is a Plover plugin for using the standard Stenotype layout on a one-handed keyboard. The original idea came from a Plover user who wanted to use their Razer Tartarus keyboard for stenography.

Razer Tartarus